Before a medication is approved and introduced to the general public, it first must be researched broadly to establish its effectiveness and safety. Your participation helps provide the pharmaceutical industry and FDA with a better understanding of the effectiveness, benefits, and possible side effects the medication may cause. This medication is studied in multiple sites in the United States and abroad. Clintex Research Group is just one of many sites with which pharmaceutical companies contract to gather this information.

There are many benefits in participating in a clinical trial, all of which are at no cost to the study participant or their insurance company. Here are some examples of the benefits study participants receive while participating in a clinical trial:

· Medication
· Laboratory testing
· Physical Examination
· Study related procedures
· Receiving one on one medical attention from our physicians

Our family at Clintex Research Group would like to thank those who participate in clinical trials, as without you, we’d be unable to achieve these results.

For more information about our ongoing and future clinical trials please contact us and one of our study team members will be happy to assist you.

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